Practical Skills Workshop

Generally our practical skills workshops start first thing in the morning, although we have arranged afternoon/evening courses; whichever is convenient to accommodate your operational requirements.

Guidelines for the duration of the workshop:

Level 1 = 6½ hours

Level 2 = 7½ hours

Level 3 = 8½ hours

The assessment process of students’ competence includes a written multiple-choice exam as well as continuous instructor-assessment of the practical skills application of first aid.

In our Level 1 workshop we focus on the basics of first aid, as follows:

  • First aid emergencies scene safety
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Adult Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Bandaging: bleeding control, splinting and applying appropriate slings to various injuries
  • Understanding medical emergencies (e.g. cardiac arrest, stroke, respiratory arrest, etc.)
  • Understanding medical conditions (e.g. fainting, epilepsy, shock and hypoglycaemia)
  • Transportation techniques

Our Level 2 & 3 intermediate and advanced workshops, respectively, begins with an overview of Level 1 skills. The workshop comprises a scenario-based skills session where first aiders are expected to have a good grounding in Level 1 basic first aid techniques. New skills introduced are demonstrated by the instructor, where after students are coached to achieve mastery of the skill.

Examples of scenarios:

  • Multiple casualties applying triage
  • Multiple injuries scenarios in which a casualty may present both injury and medical emergencies
  • On these levels, infant and child CPR & AED is introduced (adult CPR is covered on Level 1)
  • Level 2 introduces the student to environmental emergencies (e.g. hypothermia, heat-stroke, snake bites, etc.) and advanced injuries (e.g. sucking chest wounds, abdominal wounds, concussion, etc.)
  • Level 3 students are introduced to advanced casualty transportation methods as well as emergency childbirth