Level 3 First Aid Refresher

Welcome to your Level 3 first aid recertification course.

You’re in the school bus packed with a sports team driving on the N2 to Port Elizabeth. A donkey cart crosses the highway unexpectedly. There is a collision.

You’re the first responder.

You’re on Journey. During the expedition, and not all at the same time, a Learner complains of tingling lips, dizziness, is shaking, fatigued, irritable and anxious.

Another presents uncontrollable jerking movements, stiff muscles and is temporary confused.

Around midday, you notice a hiker in trouble; her skin colour is pale, she is sweating profusely, and after chatting to her, she tells you she feels dizzy and is nauseous.

You are the first aider on duty.

A Different Approach to First Aid Recertification

These are two scenarios we’ll be using to guide your recertification. Rather than facilitating a traditional classroom-style first aid practical skills workshop, your group will be split randomly into two smaller groups to apply first aid skills.

Candidates in group 1, scenario 1, will be the first aiders with the others being the casualties, and vice versa for the second scenario. At the end of each scenario we’ll hold a debrief session to review your application of first aid skills.

Splinting, slinging and bleeding control will be covered in detail in the first scenario. So too will snakebites, impalements and eye injuries. Your application of an improvised stretcher will also be tested.

The second scenario will need pre-course preparation. We recommend you review the training material from your previous course. You can download the PDF training manual here.

Start Here

We recommend you start off by revisiting the Treatment Process flowchart in Section 4.1 to reorientate yourself with the primary and secondary assessment contained in Section 6.

Moving On

You should also revise the following topics carefully:

We’ll also be revising CPR and the use of an AED.

In Conclusion

The emergency childbirth module will be presented as a video to recap the major points. We will end off by discussing concussion using the latest science.

You will not need to redo the online theory module. But we encourage you to recap first aid theory. At the end of the scenarios, you’ll write a summative assessment in which you need to score at least 70% to recertify.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Good luck with your preparations.